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Michael Mannino 

My research is in computational cognitive neuroscience and involves the investigation of large-scale neurocognitive networks by analysing simulated data from The Virtual Brain Project using computational causality testing.

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Mengsen Zhang

After joining the program, my first research project is to understand social emotion as a dynamic system, the process of which was sought to be described in terms of the dynamic landscape of coupled oscillators -  meaning both the coordinated rhythmic movement of a social dyad and the intrapersonal coordination of oscillatory neural activities. In future work, I plan to explore multi-agent coordination: how complex spatio-temporal patterns emerge, stabilize, and destablize with increased population, and how to connect well-established models on the coordination between a small number of components to systems of larger population.

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William Hahn

My research involves using DTI to detect differences in the white matter skeleton of elderly humans with Alzheimer's disease (AD). In essence, DTI is a noninvasive technique that images the brain in multiple directions to determine a diffusion tensor (a symmetric 3x3 matrix) at each volume element in space.  These tensors represent the probability of water diffusing in a given direction and allow for the differentiation between regions in the in the brain where the water diffusion is isotropic and the more interesting areas of high anisotropy that represent the long-range fibers. 

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Avisa Asemi 

I am working on a project that investigates the role of the anterior

cingulate cortex of the brain in top-down motor control in healthy

adolescent subjects.I have applied Granger causality analysis to

functional MRI data to quantify the pattern of top-down control between

the anterior cingulate cortex and the motor cortex during a controlled

finger movement task. 

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Chad Carlson

I’m interested in investigating bistable percepts in human visual motion perception as a way of exploring larger complex patterns in embodied biological systems in general with psychophysical testing and mathematical modeling.  

Tim Meehan 

Craig Nordham 

Sarah Cohen

Jigar Modi

Tatiana Viena

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