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Subcortical systems control the hippocampal EEG and its functional significance. We examine brainstem-diencephalic networks that control the theta rhythm and non-theta states of the hippocampal EEG and their role in memory processing functions of the hippocampus.

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Research Interests

Behavioral neuroscience

Functional organization of the brainstem and its role in controlling the activity of the forebrain

Neurophysiology of sleep

Laboratory Website: Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory
Head: Dr. R. Vertes

Current Students

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Tatiana D. Viena, M.S.

My current research interests center on the role of the midline thalamus in arousal, attention and cognition.  My previous research focused on the effect of mild chronic stress on immunity while undergoing an acute stressor.  Additionally, I investigated the associations between sleep gene polymorphisms (Per3 & Dec2) and sleep health related factors. 

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Jazmine Rodriguez

Masters Student expected 2014



Michelle Gallo

Research Assistant 

B.S. B.A.

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Argira Glama

Graduate Student expected 2013


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