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Dr. Janet Blanks

Research in the Blanks' lab at Florida Atlantic University is currently focused on developing and testing unique hypoxia-regulated, cell specific recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus (rAAV) vectors for gene therapy of different target cell types within the eye and brain. 


This research collaboration with Howard Prentice Ph.D. (Associate Professor, School of Medicine at FAU) and Kathleen Dorey Ph.D. (Professor, Virginia Tech/Carilion Hospital School of Medicine, Roanoak, VA) brings together experts in the fields of ocular cell biology and vascular biology. The project focus is to create a series of third generation gene therapy vectors for preclinical trials and ultimate therapeutic application in retinal diseases involving neovascularization (NV). 



Left: IOVS 2011 Nov 1; 52 (12): 8562-70                                                                 

Right: IOVS 2008 Jul; 49 (7): 3207-15

Current Research Projects

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Hypoxia-regulated cell-specific gene therapy to treat retinal angiogenesis

    -Retinal epithelial cell (RPE) specific gene therap

    - Retinal glial cell-specific gene therapy

Project 2: 

Protection of retinal pigment epithelial cells from oxidative stress  

Project 3:

Enhanced apoptosis of retinoblastoma cells under oxidative stress       

Project 4:

Gene therapy to protect cortical hippocampal neurons and astrocytes under oxidative stress

FAU Digital Library:     

The NSAID, Sulindac confers protection against oxidative stress induced damage in retinal pigmented epithelial cells


Prentice and ManasJanet, President and Manas

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Janet Blanks, PhD


Professor and Director

Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences

Office: 561-297-4310


Manas R. Biswal 


Gradute student

Integrative Biology PhD program 

Project: Hypoxia-regulated, glial cell-specific gene  therapy


Arunodoy Sur


Gradute student

Integrative Biology PhD program 

Project: Protection of retinal pigment epithelial cells from oxidative stress


Ulrike Leipscher


Visiting Scholar, Germany

Integrative Biology PhD program 

Project: Protection of hippocampal neurons against amyloid beta peptide induced oxidative stress



Former Students

Tyler Smith                        : Post-doc at John A. Moran eye Center, Utah

Liz Greene                         : Medical Student, College of Medicine, University of Florida

Olena Makhnyeva              : PhD Student, Florida Atlantic University

Tyler House                       : Medical Student, Nova Southern University

Corey Robinson                 : College of medicine, University of Florida 

Former Post-Doc

Christopher Daugherty       : Manager- Clinical Science at Biotest Pharamaceuticals Corporation


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Additional Publications 


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